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Legal Research Training and Certification

This guide provides a collection of resources available from various databases to improve your legal research skills. There are plenty of opportunities to learn more and earn certifications you can use to prove your qualifications.

Your Research Team

Never forget that the reference team is here to help you on your research journey!  We are happy to answer any questions you have along the way, so please do take advantage of all the ways you can contact us.  

Invest in Yourself

Legal research is a critically important skill for any law student and aspiring attorney.  No matter how much time you spend in the classroom working on these skills, you can always do more to set yourself apart.  Beyond the inherent value of learning to be a better researcher, many of the legal databases have certifications that you can complete and put on your resume to demonstrate to potential employers that 1) you have the legal research skills that firms are saying they need and expect, and 2) you are motivated to become the best attorney you can be.  Take advantage of the resources collected here to make that case!