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Legal Research Training and Certification

This guide provides a collection of resources available from various databases to improve your legal research skills. There are plenty of opportunities to learn more and earn certifications you can use to prove your qualifications.


The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction is a non-profit consortium of law schools, law libraries, and related organizations.  Specifically, CALI hosts and facilitates the creation of CALI Lessons, a library of over 1,000 interactive legal tutorials written by law professionals and geared towards law students.  New users must set up an account using the Law School's Authorization code, email the Reference Desk at to get yours!


Lessons by Subject Outline - Legal Research and Writing

  • Over 150 interactive tutorials arranged in outline format for learning about Legal Research and Writing.

Lesson by Subject Area Index - Legal Research

  •  Over 150 interactive tutorials focusing on Legal Research covering a wide variety of jurisdictions and subject matters.