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Comparative Intellectual Property Law

This guide shares resources that will help you learn about foreign countries' intellectual property law.

Article Search

Sometimes when researching a particular issue in a foreign country all we have available to us are articles written by experts who have done the research and and hopefully any necessary translation on our behalf.  The best place for one stop searching (although we always recommend looking multiple places) is HeinOnline's Law Journal Library.  It has a robust collection of foreign and international law journals you won't find elsewhere:

Indexes are a great tool for finding articles related to subject matter.  HeinOnline has the Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals which indexes over 500 journals and yearbooks:

And once you have found one result, chances are that your author has written multiple articles on the particular country, so it may be worth looking at their larger body of work.

Selected Printed Materials

Book Search

Search our catalog with the country's name and variations of law or legal and chances are you will find a book that explains a country's legal system in some depth.  Below are some examples: