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Comparative Intellectual Property Law


Canadian Intellectual Property Office - Trademarks (official website) - Note legislation and regulation links at the bottom of the page.

United States

Title 15, Chapter 22 of the United States Code (official text)

Restatement (Third) of Unfair Competition - see Subject Matter of Trademark Law Chapter 3: The Law of Trademarks Topics 1-6


International Materials

European Union

‚ÄčTrade Marks (official website) 

The Commonwealth


  Foreign Law  Guide database (NetID may be required) to identify specific laws for individual countries and official texts.

  CommonwealthLII to find texts (may be unofficial) of laws for each of the individual countries


Secondary Sources - Trademarks

Great Britain

Intellectual Property Office - Trade marks (official website) - scroll down to Law & Practice to find legislation


See Legifrance for official text of Code de la propriete intellectualle and unofficial English translation.

Code de la propriete intellectuelle (version consolidee au 23 fevrier 2015) - Livre VII Marques de fabrique, de commerce out de service (text at WIPO website)




Gesetz uber den Schutz von Marken und sonstigen Kennzeichen (amended to 2017) in German and to 2013 in English translation,  Act on the Protection of Trade Marks and other Symbols (official government website)

Act on the Protection of Trademarks and other Signs  (as amended up to Act of October 19 2013 in German with Automatic Translation Tool) (text at WIPO website)

Subject Guide