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Comparative Intellectual Property Law


Canadian Intellectual Property Office - Copyright (official website) - Note links to Copyright Act and Copyright Regulations at bottom of page.

International Materials

WIPO - Copyright (official site) - see particularly laws & treaties

European Union

Copyright and Neighbouring Rights (official site) - click on EU Legislation ("acquis")

The Commonwealth


  Foreign Law  Guide database to identify specific laws for individual countries and to help locate official texts

  CommonwealthLII to find texts (may be unofficial) of laws for each of the individual countries

Great Britain

Intellectual Property Office - Copyright (official website) - look under Quick Links or Law & Practice for legislation


See Legifrance for official text of Code de la propriete intellectualle and unofficial English translation of code.  See also for official texts of related legislation.

Code de la propriete intellectual (consolidated version updated to March 2017) & other copyright legislation in French (texts at WIPO website)


Gesetz uber Urheberrecht und verwandte Schutzrechte last amended December 20, 2016 in German and English translation, Act on Copyright and Related Rights (texts on official website)

See also texts of IP laws at WIPO website

Subject Guide