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Student Toolkit

Everything you need to know about using the law library.

Electronic Study Aids


Quimbee is online study aid that includes videos, quizzes, flashcards, and more. The library provides access to Quimbee for all students. You will receive Quimbee instructions via email at the beginning of the school year. 


West Academic Study Aids

Exam Archive

Many faculty choose to make their past final exams available to students. The library's exam archive includes all exams approved for inclusion by faculty.

Law School Study Aids

There are many types of law school study aids.  The Law Library has a number of study resources, such as hornbooks, nutshells and Emanuel’s outlines available for use by students. 

Use the menu on the left to see study aids for specific classes.

Restatements of Law

Restatements of Law are legal treatises that extract the black-letter law from cases and restate existing common law into principles or rules.  Although they can be difficult to use the content and commentary (with examples) can give you additional context for how the concepts you are discussing in class fit into the bigger picture. 


A hornbook is a detailed one-volume book designed to clarify a legal issue.  It contains extensive case citations and is written in clear language.  Sometimes a hornbook is keyed to a specific casebook, i.e., the cases discussed in the hornbook are the same as those in your casebook.


A nutshell is a small soft-cover guide; it contains far less detail than a hornbook but is great for summarizing complicated subjects. 

Examples and Explanations

Examples and Explanations contain extensive hypothetical questions with detailed answers.  Each book, however, is not keyed to a specific textbook.


Emanuel’s provides subject-specific outlines and many short questions with answers.  Emanuel’s can be aligned with most major textbooks.




CALI (Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction) is a nonprofit consortium of law schools that develops computer-mediated legal instruction. CALI lessons are web-based tutorials on a wide variety of legal topics, and are available to all law school students.

How Do I Access CALI?

CALI lesson are available online. To access CALI online, you will need to register using UConn's authorization code, which you can obtain by contacting the Reference Desk.  Once you have registered, you can set up a password to be able to access CALI lessons at any time:

Whom Do I Contact for Assistance With CALI?

The reference librarians can provide assistance with accessing and using CALI.

Legal Research Training & Certification

There are many resources available that will help you improve your legal research skills. This guide provides access to all of the tutorials and training programs available to you:

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