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LLNE Fall 2021 Meeting

Meeting Overview

About the Meeting

Hosted by LLNE, the LLNE Fall 2021 meeting will focus on the intersection of technology and access to justice and explore ways that technology can help to bridge the justice gap. The day will begin with speakers from the National Center for State Courts defining the justice gap and discussing existing approaches to address it. The following panels will explore ways technology can improve access to legal assistance, information, and institutions. Speakers from technology firms, nonprofits, law firms, law schools, courts, and bar associations will discuss their initiatives and how they have used technology to address an identified need. 



Time Event Speakers Meeting Link
10:00-10:10 Welcome Michael VanderHeijden Meeting Link

Access to Justice in New England: Defining the Problem and Exploring Solutions

Zachary Zarnow

Moderator: Nicole Dyszlewski

11:10-11:20 Break  

Expanding Access to Justice in New England with Guided Interviews with Tyler Technology

Adam Earnheart

LLNE Business Meeting

Edgar Award Presentation

12:40-1:00 Break  
1:00-1:20 South Coast Fair Housing

Alex West

Moderator: Jessica Lundgren

1:20-1:40 Collaborative Technology for the Non-technical User with A2J Author  John Mayer
Moderator: Katharine Haldeman
1:40-2:00 Access to Justice and ABA Answers

Jennifer Shukla

Moderator: Anne Rajotte 

2:00-2:20 Document Automation and the Suffolk LIT Lab

Quinten Steenhuis

Moderator: Pamela Cartier

2:20-2:40 Bridging the Gap through Gamification

Dan Jackson

Moderator: Anne Rajotte

2:40-3:00 Break  
3:00-3:40 What Law Firms, Law School and Courts are Doing

Elizabeth Cerda

Suzanne Harrington-Steppen

Jackie Waters

Moderator: Nicole Dyzlewski

3:40-4:30 Breakout Rooms



LLNE Organizing Committee

Nicole Dyszlewski (chair), Jessica Almeida, Kaitlin Connolly, Danielle Fay, Joshua LaPorte, Jessica Panella, Anne Rajotte, Michael VanderHeijden

A special thanks to the BU Technology Team: Becky Bearden, Katherine Haldeman and Jennifer Robble as well as UConn graphics/video support: Justin Rogowski and Jennine Kottwitz.