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International Trade Law Research

This guide assists patrons at the UCONN Law Library find accessible international trade materials. This guide is meant to help you find these sources, but it is just a starting place.

Other Countries

As is true of the United States, international trade is not usually handled by a single governmental entity in other countries.  You will need to familiarize yourself with the governmental structure of the jurisdiction in which you are interested and the laws that are issued by the various entities.

To assist you with that task, there are databases The Foreign Law Guide  [NetID may be required]. and the free resources of the  Law Library of Congress Guide to Law Online and WorldLII may be especially helpful.  See also the Department of Justice's International Law Guide which has a section on Trade, Commerce and Intellectual Property and the Department of Justice's Foreign Law Guide

Don't forget to look at research guides for your particular jurisdiction--some of which can be found on the Law Library of Congress and WorldLII websites and by using the United States Department of Justice's Foreign Law Guide - General Resources and Guides section.

See also, for instance:

  • GlobalLex (Research Guides from NYU's Hauser Global Law School Program)
  • LLRX - (Look at Archives and then by subject - Note that some information may be dated)

United States

Primary Legal Sources:

  • Constitution - see particularly Article I, sec .8 cl. 3 and  Article II, sec. 2, cl. 2.
  • US Code - See particularly Title 15 Commerce & Trade, Title 19 Custom Duties, Title 22 Foreign Relations and Intercourse, Title 50 War & National Defense, but other Titles may be relevant depending upon the issue.
  • Code of  Federal Regulations - see particularly Title 15 - Commerce and Foreign Trade, Title 19 Customs Duties, Title 22 Foreign Relations and Ttitle 32 National Defense, but other Titles may be relevant depending upon the issue.

Major US Federal agency websites:

See this list of U.S. Government Trade Agencies (from the USTR) for other links to agencies and other government resources on international trade.




  • Westlaw - Click on Tools and then General Counsel Resources - see particularly Secondary Sources - International (ID required).
  •  Lexis Advance  (ID required) - Browse Topics, click on International Trade Law -  includes International Trade Commission materials as well as U.S. Customs and Border Protection Rulings, Federal court trade cases,  and much more.



Reference & Secondary Materials

Reference Materials (selected):

Books & Treatises (selected):

  • Davidow, Antitrust guide for international business activities, 2001-  [BNA Corporate Practice Series] - Print at call no. K3856 D38 2001; Electronic on BNA Online (NetID may be required)

Journals (selected):

Subject Guide