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Thriving at UConn Law

Ways to Stay Calm During Finals


1. Deep Breathing.  Something as simple as taking a few deep breaths can help you keep perspective on your exams.  

2. Get Some Fresh Air.  Bundle up and take a walk around campus to clear any cluttered thoughts! 

3. Turn Off Your Phone. If you're constantly catching yourself scrolling through Instagram or posting memes in the group chat, it's time to turn your phone off.   Commit to going phone free during designated study time.  

4. Keep as Close to Your Usual Habits as You Can.  Try to keep your diet and exercise routine on track as much as possible, and do what you can to stick to your normal sleep schedule.  Forcing your body to figure out a new pattern is not going to help you succeed! 

5. Take it Easy on the Caffeine.  Sure, that fourth cup of coffee might help you power through a late night study session, but take a moment to think about how you're going to feel tomorrow when you're running on no sleep.  (Pro tip: Apples do wonders to help wake you up!) 

Adapted from a blog by Sarah Laughed


Stress Management

Stressed Out? 

Somewhere along the line, high stress levels became the norm in law school.  

Here are some quick tips for reducing stress: 

  1. Try meditation.  The great thing about meditation is that you can do it anywhere- even in your favorite study spot in the library.  
  2. Yoga.  Sure, it might feel weird to start doing sun salutations in your research carrel, but as long as you're quiet about it no one will care.  If you're feeling shy, try making time for Yoga at home or as part of a class.  Also keep an eye out for emails about yoga sessions offered at the law school.  They're free and open to people of all skill levels!  
  3. Exercise.  Check out the Staying Healthy on a Schedule page of this guide for more info about exercising in a time crunch.  Hate exercise?  Try a stroll around Elizabeth park, located just a few blocks from the law school.  We can call it people watching or smelling the flowers, and it'll still do the trick.  
  4. Listen to music.  On a particularly stressful day, try listening to a song or two as part of your study break.  But be careful, music effects your mood, so try something upbeat an positive even if you're feeling blue. 

TED Talks on Stress Management



New to the concept of mindfulness?  It's pretty straightforward.  The idea is that by becoming more aware of your own thoughts and stressors, you are better able to understand and control how your body reacts to them.  Take some time to self-evaluate in a quiet spot, and click on the picture below for some great introductory mindfulness tips including: 

wooden road sign which reads mindfullness

1. Mindful Breathing 

2. Mindful Observation 

3. Mindful Awareness 

4. Mindful Listening 

5. Mindful Immersion 

6. Mindful Appreciation 


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