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Sources of Federal United States Law

This guide was designed for use by non-U.S. law students at UCONN Law School.

Best Research Guides


Federal legal research (2015- Algero et al.) Call no.KF240 .F48 2015 -  Print - In Reference.



Guide to  Federal Courts Resources (updated 2015 - U.S. Dept. of Justice - Library Research Guide) - The best electronic guide to federal court materials official and unofficial - includes links to Legislative & Executive Branch materials and to all State courts as well. 

Online Research - Federal Courts & Case Law (updated 2017 - UCLA Law Library). Electronic sources only.

Guide to Federal Court Rules Research (2006, revised 2016 - Georgetown Law Library) - May include materials UCONN Law Library does not hold.


Here is a small selection of different types of guides available in the UCONN Law Library relevant to the Federal judiciary and courts.

  • Barron & Dienes, Constitutional law in a nutshell (9th ed., 2017) Call no.KF4550 .B368 2017 - Print - on Reserve - See stacks for earlier editions at KF4550.Z9 B35 

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

See also the resources on the Constitution on the Organic Laws page.

Records & Briefs







Treatises & Legal Periodicals

Below is a very selective list of treatises and legal periodicals that the UCONN Law Library holds that are relevant to researching the federal courts and practice. Click the Finding Other Research tab for techniques to help you find other relevant material in the UCONN Law Library.


  • Wright & Miller - Federal Practice & Procedure - (1969-current - West) Call no. KF9619 .W7 in Reference - Print - See earlier editions in stacks -  Electronic on Westlaw [Id required]
  • Moore's Federal Practice (1997-- Bender) Call no. KF8840 .M662  - Print - Up to date to 2013 only. See earlier editions too - Electronic - Civil & Criminal on Lexis Advance [Id required]
  • Rotunda & Nowack, Treatise on constitutional law: substance and procedure (5th ed., 2012-2013) Call no. KF4550 .R63 2012 on Reserve - Print - See earlier editions in stacks. Electronic (2010-   ) on Westlaw [Id required]

Legal Periodicals:

  • United States Law Week (1933-current - BNA) Call no. KF101 .U5 - Print (Library holdings begin with v.49 (1980), lacking volumes and issues) - Electronic (1997- current) [NetId may be required]. Also on Boomberg Law [ID required]
  • Supreme Court economic review (1982-current, pub. suspended 1984-1992- formerly Emory University & U. of Chicago, now George Mason University) Call no. K23 U66 - Print - Electronic PDF.[NetId may be required]
  • Journal of Supreme Court history (1998-current - Supreme Court Historical Society) Call No. KF8741 .A15 S87 - Print - Electronic PDF
  • Cato Supreme Court review (2002-current - Cato Institute) Call No. K3 .A87 - Print - Electronic PDF.

Websites & Databases


  • United States Courts (official webstie) - see tabs for: Federal Courts, Rules & Policies, Judges & Judgeships (includes biographies), Statistics, etc.
  • Justia US Law - Has unofficial and official texts of Supreme Court and Federal Appellate court case opinions. Has useful chronological Federal Appeallate case finder.


  • PACER - Dept. of Justice database for Federal Courts below the U.S. Supreme Court.[login by Reference Librarian required] Prefer using Dockets on Bloomberg Law [Id required].
  • BNA Bankruptcy Law Resource Center (Bloomberg Law BNA - Electronic) Includes court directory, commercial and consumer bankrutcy materials, annotated code sections related to bankruptcy, and the case reporter. [NetID may be required]
  • Lexis Advance, Westlaw & Bloomberg Law - Wonderful subscription database resources for finding Federal Court materials including both published and unpublished case opinons and judgments, briefs and other filings [ID required]

Special Federal Courts Case Law

This list is of case reporters and digests that the UCONN Law Library holds and is not a complete listing of all reporters and digests for these courts. It also may not include all electronic texts the Law Library has access to. Consult the catalog for a complete listing of holdings.

United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (formerly United States Court of Military Appeals)

Case Reporters

  • West's Military Justice Reporter - continues Decisions of the United States Court of Appeals - 1975/6-  Call no. KF7605.A2 W4 - Print - Library has only vols.1-31 - Electronic on Westlaw [ID required]



United States Bankruptcy Courts

Case Reporters

  • CCH Bankruptcy Law Reporter - Call no. KF1520 .C65 1979 - Print - Library has 1979-2006 - Electronic - 2009-current - on Westlaw [ID required]


  • West's Bankruptcy Digest ( 2d series, pub. 1988-current but Law Library subscription canceled 2013 - West) Call no. KF1515.A2 W532 1988 - Print - cumulative.

United States Court of Claims

Case Reporters



United States Court of International Trade (formerly United States Court of Customs)

Case Reporters

  • United States Custom Court Reports (cases 1938-1980, pub. 1939-1981 -  USGPO) Call no. KF125.C82 C87 - Print - Electronic- LLMC Digital, HeinOnline U.S. Federal Agency Documents [NetId may be required].



United States Court of Veterans Appeals Claims (formerly Court of Veterans Appeals)

Case Reporters


United States Tax Court (formerly Board of Tax Appeals)

Case Reporters

  • Reports of the Tax Court of the United States - continues above title - (cases v.1(1942)- v.(53)1969, pub.1942-1969 - USGPO) Call no. KF6280.A2 T37 - Print - Electronic LLMC Digital, HeinOnline U.S. Federal Agency Documents [NetId may be required]
  • Reports of the United States Tax Court - continues above title - (Thomas, et al, reporters - Library has v.54(1970-current, lacks some volumes, pub. 1971?- current - USGPO) Call no. KF6280.A2 T37 - Print - [all volumes]  Electronic- LLMC Digital, HeinOnline U.S. Federal Agency Documents [NetId may be required].


  • Moore, Tax Court Digest (cases 1924-1968, pub.1951-1968 - Bobbs-Merrill) Call no. KF6324 .A4 1951 - Print - Electronic - HathiTrust [NetId may be required].

Federal Case Law & Court Rules

Note that these are reporters, rules and digests available to you through the UCONN Law Library and the list does not purport to be a comprehensive listing of all such reporters, rules and digests.

Case Reporters

U.S. Supreme Court - includes all cases

  • United States Reports (cited as U.S.) - Call no.KF101 .A212 - Print  Electronic  (official).
  • Cases argued and decided before the U.S. Supreme Court (cited as L.Ed.)  cases to 1955 - Call no.KF101 .A313  Print - U.S. Supreme Court Reports, Lawyers Ed (cited as L.Ed.). cases 1956-current  - Call no. KF101 .A313 - Print -  Electronic of both on Lexis Advance [ID required] (unofficial).
  • Supreme Court Reporter (cited as S.C.) cases to 1984 - Call no KF101 .A32 Print & West's Supreme Court Reporter (cited as S.C.) cases 1984-current - Call no. KF101 .A322 - Print - Electronic of both  on Westlaw [ID required] (unofficial).

Federal Courts of Appeal - includes only selected cases 

  • Federal Reporter, 1st & 2d series to vol 830  (cited as F. & F2d) - cases to1988 - Call no. KF105 .F42 - Print & Electronic- LLMC Digital [NetId may be required - Electronic on Westlaw [ID required]
  • West's Federal Reporter, 2d series vols 831-999 & 3d series vol 1-current  (cited as F.2d & F.3d) cases 1988-current - Call no. KF105 .F42 - Print - Electronic on Westlaw [ID required]

Federal District Courts - includes only a small percentage of cases heard

  • Federal Supplement 1st series vols1-670 (cited as F. Supp.) cases to 1988 - Call no. KF120 .F42 - Print - Electronic on Westlaw [ID required]
  • West's Federal Supplement, 1st series vols 671-999 & 2d series vols 1-current (cited as F. Supp & F. Supp. 2d) cases 1989-current - Call no.KF120 .F42 - Print - Electronic on Westlaw [ID required]

Court Rules & Rules of Procedure

Case Digests -  Provide subject access to case law for particular courts or jurisdictions

Supreme Court Digests

Federal Practice Digests - Covers cases reported in the Federal Reporter series and the Federal Supplement series