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International Human Rights Law Research

This guide provides you with a starting point for doing International Human Rights Law research in our library. It is not comprehensive but rather meant to point you to certain key resources where you can begin your research.

General Treatises, Casebooks and Texts

To find general treatises, texts and casebooks in our library, start with the Online Catalog.  

The kinds of searches that you can do are, for example: 

      Keyword Searchhuman rights and China (use the boolean operator "and" to connect concepts)

      Title SearchConvention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women  (the title must be exact)

      Subject Search - Torture (use Library of Congress (LC) subject headings)

      Author - Janis, Mark (put in last name, first name if you know a particular author of a book or chapter in a book but this search does not find articles)

      Call Number - K3240  (Use the first part of the call number for a book you find useful to find other books on the same sbuject)


Selected Treatises in Our Library