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Connecticut Law

A guide to Connecticut legal resources.


Soft-covered blue volumes. The official edition of the codified laws of CT, arranged by subject into 55 titles.  There is a subject index at the end of the set. 

The set is revised on January 1 of each odd-numbered year; to locate amendments or laws enacted between revisions, refer to the session laws.  The Supplement to the Connecticut Statutes breaks down each year's session laws by subject and assigns each part to the title of the statutes where it will appear in the next release of the statute set.  Statutes and public acts affected tables are available in the public acts volumes and separately in print.

Hard-covered red volumes.  Features West's annotations to court cases and secondary sources.  Includes an extensive subject index.  The CT Legislative Service pamphlets published throughout the legislative session provide the text of public and special acts passed during the current session.

Statutes are also available online:

Session Laws

Public and Special Acts of Connecticut are the text of all public and private acts passed during the annual sessions of the CT General Assembly.  Published at the end of each legislative session.

Legislative History

For information on how to research this area: