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English Law

Guide to the law of the United Kingdom.

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Modern Cases


         We have them all current on ICLR online

  • British and Irish LII - Selected judgments from various courts, from the 1800's to the present. Coverage varies by court.
  • The Supreme Court - The Supreme Court assumed jurisdiction from the House of Lords in July 2009. - Judgments from July 31, 2009 to the present. Click on Decided Cases or Current Cases tab.  
  • Parliament/House of Lords  Judgments from 1996 to July 30, 2009.
  • Lexis Advance  Cases from various courts, with coverage from 1865 to the present.
  • Westlaw  Cases from various courts, with coverage from 1865 to the present.  

Older Cases

Neutral Citations

Cases are traditionally cited to the reporter in which they are published.  Starting in 2001, the U.K. began using “neutral citations.”  A neutral citation cites to the court that issued a judgment rather than to a particular reporter.

The Bluebook requires that you cite first to the neutral citation and then to the official Law Reports, if the case is published therein (See Bluebook T2.42.1).

Here are some examples of neutral citations:

Brown v Davies [2006] EWCA Civ 166 

Campbell v Frisbee [2002] EWHC (Ch) 328 at [8]    

[EWCA Civ = Court of Appeal Civil Division]

[EWHC (Ch) = High Court (Chancery Division)]