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Connecticut Legislative History

Locating Compiled Legislative Histories

Many legislative histories have already been compiled. To locate a compiled legislative history, you will need the Public Act number, found in the historical notes that follow the text of a statute. Then, search the Connecticut State Library's database of compiled legislative histories. If it is not already compiled, the Connecticut State Library will compile it for a fee.

Steps to Compiling a Legislative History

1. Find the Public Act Number - At the end of each section of the Conn. General Statutes, there is a reference to the Public Act(s) related to that statute.

2. Find the Bill Number associated with the Public Act, using either:

3. Using the bill number, locate the first volume of transcripts for each legislative session for the House, Senate, and appropriate Joint Standing Committee (see Sources for Legislative History Documents). The first volume contains an index by bill number that indicates the page number on which the bill is discussed. If looking for the history of an act passed between 1983 and 2008, another option is to use the Connecticut Legislative History Cards, which compiles the page number information for all transcripts for each public act.