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NAIC Model Law and NAIC Publications

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Model Laws, Regulations and Guidelines

The NAIC Model Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines (available in the library) contains documents promulgated by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners as proposed statements of insurance laws that should be adopted by the 50 states. References are made within each Model Law to particular states that have adopted the model law with corresponding citations to the state versions. The publication is updated on a quarterly basis. A document is a Model Law or Regulation with references to State Adoptions, Legislative Histories or Case Law citations following each model law. The publication provides quick access to every NAIC Model Law, Regulation and Guideline published. It includes more than 4,000 pages of important regulatory information touching on virtually every facet of the insurance business.

In addition to the laws themselves, a legislative history reference tells why the model was adopted and why certain provisions were included. State action pages for each model cite each state's enacted model or similar or related legislation, whether pending or when adopted. Case law annotations present court interpretations on major subjects covered by the NAIC model laws.

As new model laws are adopted, the file will be updated quarterly to provide them, along with any changes or revisions to existing models. State pages also are updated through the service.