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Banking Law

Research guide for banking law

Useful Databases

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Jerry M. Rosenberg, Dictionary of Banking, Ref. HG151 .R66 1993, 3rd floor.

John Downes and Jordan Elliot Goodman, Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms, Ref. HG151 .D69 1998, 3rd floor.

American Jurisprudence  2d. Vol. 10-11, “Banks and Financial Institutions,” Ref. K154 .A42, 3rd floor.

Corpus Juris Secundum Vol. 9, “Banks and Banking,” Ref. K154.C56, 3rd floor.

Newsletters and Journals

Bloomberg BNA's Banking Daily and Banking Report are great resources for news and current awareness relating to the latest court, regulatory, and legislative developments affecting banks and other financial institutions.

Law360 is a legal news and analysis service that many lawyers rely upon to stay up-to-date in their area of specialty, and covers banking law.

Legal Source and LegalTrac should be used when searching for journal articles.  Subject searching in these databases can lead to targeted results.  Slow typing a word such as "banking" may lead to more focused subject heading suggestions.

LexisNexis, Westlaw, Hein, and other business and finance indexes and databases should also be checked when conducting research on the topic of banking law. These resources can be searched for under the Research Databases link on our library web page.

Treatises, Casebooks, and Texts

A. Douglas and Sylvia Parker, Federal Banking Laws, KF969 1990.

Alfred M. Pollard, Banking Law in the United States, KF974 .B38 1988.

Jonathan R. Macey, Geoffrey P. Miller and Richard Scott Carnell, The Law of Banking and Financial InstitutionsKF974 .A7 C27 2009.

Laurel Binder-Arain, Federal Banking Laws, KF969 1994.

Michael P. Malloy, Banking Law and Regulation, KF974 .M382.

Pat McCoy, Banking Law Manual. KF974 .M23 2000.

Pat McCoy, Financial Modernization After Gramm-Leach-Bliley, KF974.A1 F55 2002.

William Anthony Lovett, Banking and Financial Institutions Law in a Nutshell, KF975 .L68 2014.

Federal Banking Law Reporter, CCH, KF972.5 .C6 1945.

Michie on Banks and Banking, KF974 .M52.