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Treaties and International Agreements

Do you need to find the text of a current or past U.S. treaty or international agreement? Do you need to verify whether it is in force? This guide will help you find the text and verify whether or not it is currently in force.

Guide to the United States Treaties in Force (unofficial)

Guide to Treaties in Force (ed. Kavass & Sprudzs, 1982-current - Hein - Call no, KZ235 .G85) Has supplements so updated more currently than official publication.

  • Print Library has 1984-current

Treaties in Force (official)

Treaties in Force: A List of Treaties and Other International Acts in Force on [date] (TIF) (annual, 1944- current, U.S. State Department - Call no.KZ235 .T74) Use to determine status of U.S. treaties and international agreements.

  • Electronic PDF (official - current & archived 1997, 2000-2012 & LLMC)

For information updating annual TIF see Treaty Actions database (1997-current U.S. State Department official website)

Historical Compilations of Treaties in Force (official)

A compilation of all the treaties between the United States and the Indian tribes, now in force as laws  (Prepared under the provisions of the act of Congress, approved March 3, 1873, entitled "An act to provide for the preparation and presentation to Congress of the revision of the laws of the United States, consolidating the laws relating to the post-roads, and a code relating to military offenses, and the revision of treaties with the Indian tribes now in force". 1873 - Electronic PDF - Hein - Call no.KF8202 1893)

Revised Statues of the United States relating to the District of Columbia and post roads, passed at the first session of the forty-third Congress, 1873-'74; together with the public treaties in force on the first day of December, 1873.( Edited, printed, and published under the authority of an act of Congress, and under the direction of the Secretary of State - 1875 -  Call no.KF60 .U5)

Compilation of Treaties in Force (prepared under Resolution of the Senate, of February 11,1904 - Electronic PDF - Hein - Call no.KZ236 1904)



Sources for Verifying International Treaty Status

When you need to verify whether an international treaty is in force and who is party to it, look at the following:

For United Nations Treaties:

Other Multinational Treaties:

For the status of multinational treaties up to 1995:

Look for titles that UCONN Law Library has which give the status of treaties for a particular organization in print in the online catalog.

For instance for World Trade Organization Treaties, see:

If the treaty you need to verify is on an official secretariat website, usually the status information is also to be found there.

For instance see:

For more information on determining the status of treaties consult the various guides in Guides section at the Home tab.




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