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Critical Law Librarianship-LLNE / SNELLA Spring 2022 Meeting

Meeting Overview

About the Meeting

Co-hosted by LLNE and SNELLA, the Spring 2022 meeting at Yale Law School will focus on Critical Law Librarianship. The meeting will provide an opportunity for attendees to explore the ways in which critical theory and critical legal theory apply to law librarianship and legal information.  The keynote speaker will be Professor Justin Simard, who will speak about his groundbreaking scholarship on modern citations to cases involving  enslaved persons.  

A morning plenary panel about Critical Legal Research and critical legal information literacy will focus on the concepts and practices associated with these intellectual movements.  

An interactive afternoon breakout session will enable us to think about these issues and how they apply to our everyday work - whether in technical services, reference, or research instruction.

This program is made possible by a grant from the AALL/Bloomberg Law Continuing Education Grants Program.

LLNE Organizing Committee

Michael VanderHeijden (chair), Femi Cadmus, Maryanne Daly-Doran, Jason Eiseman, Shana Jackson, Jordan Jefferson, Tanya Johnson, Cate Kellett, Julie Kirshnaswami, Jennine Kottwitz, Evelyn Ma, Scott Matheson, Nicholas Mignanelli, Pam Rentz, Lucie Olejnikova, and Caesar Zapata.