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Top 5 Campus Questions!

by Maryanne Daly-Doran on 2021-09-29T16:40:00-04:00 | Comments

We are about a month into the new semester and are so excited to have everyone back on campus!  For the majority of our student body, this is your first time experiencing everything in person and with that comes a lot of questions.  We here in the library always aim to be proactive and helpful and so thought we’d try to put down into writing some of the most common questions we’ve seen at the front desk.  This way you can make the most of your time here on campus and focus on other things like getting ready for class!

Top 5 Campus Questions

1. Where are the lockers?

Lockers are located in a couple of different places on campus.  We have a handful here in the library located on the fourth floor in the Student Org space.  There are also a few full-length lockers in the basement of Knight Hall, right by the new gym.  By far the largest number of lockers to be found on campus are in the basement of Hosmer (along with a ping pong AND foosball table).   You’ll need a combination to access those specifically, so reach out to Student Affairs for permission.

2. Where can I find a filtered water fountain/fill station?

While there are a number of water fountains all over campus, the fill stations are located in a few specific spots.  From the front desk of the library, we often tell people to go through the double doors and take a right down the hallway to find the one we have in our building.  Otherwise, there is a station outside the gym in Knight, and two in Hosmer, one of the first floor and one on the second.  They are located down the hallways amongst the faculty offices, so maybe say hi to a professor while filling up!

3. Where is the best printer located?

Wepa printing stations are located on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors of the library, but the one on the 2nd in the computer lab, is a high capacity printer and can handle much more volume than the others.  Also, don’t forget that it’s free to print material from Lexis to the Lexis printer also located on the 2nd floor!

4. What’s the best way to return Course Reserve materials?

When the library is open be sure to bring those books back to the front desk.  If you put them in the drop box, you may end up getting late fines, and you also deny your fellow students the ability to check the book out for themselves.  Be considerate and return them back to the desk when you can.

5. As a student, how can I get my hands on library materials?

Since we are finally back in business, you are always welcome to come into the building and pull things from the shelves yourself and check them out at the front desk.  During the pandemic, we also created a new on-demand service called Library2Go.  It’s still a thing!  Check out our page explaining the service,, to learn how you can request books for pickup or digital scans!

At the end of the day, we here at the library understand how the transition back to campus and the start of a new semester can be a lot.  Always remember that we are here to help and available to answer any questions you may have.  Stop by the front desk anytime to say hi or feel free to reach out to us electronically:

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